Below C Level is the first Tuesday of every month and occurs from 6:00 PM - 7:30 PM Central Time. We will congregate and eat food at 6:00. The talk will start at 6:30 and last one hour. Afterwards, some of us may walk down to the bar for a drink and combine with the folks at NOLA Hack Night.

Next Meeting

Our April 2023 meeting will be Tuesday, 4th.


Note: All talks will be streamed and recorded to Twitch

If you want to attend in meatspace, you’ll need to get to The Shop At the CAC in New Orleans, LA.

Enter the building using the glass doors on Camp St and take the elevator to the 3rd floor. You then take the open stairs in the middle of the room up to the 4th floor. There is a large conference room in the center of this floor in the center hall called Executive Conference Room - 4D. It’s the largest conference room on the floor.

The bar we will walk to afterwards is called The Rusty Nail. It’s a 7 minute walk from the venue. This is completely optional but we can’t reserve the room all night.


I can’t provide guaranteed advice yet, but I will seek advice from drivers. I recommend you do not drive here and instead take public transportation, but I understand that is not feasible or comfortable for everyone.

Free Parking

There is usually free street parking available in the area. Metered spots will require payment but you should only need to pay for 1 hour as all meters stop collecting at 7PM.

I’d try St Joseph Street on the North-side of the CAC building. Or if you plan to go to the bar after, you can park near the bar and walk to the shop.

If you are willing to pay for parking, or would feel safer being right by the venue, I’d recommend the P139 lot. It’s on the same block and side of the street as the venue. It’s often full from visitors to the WWII museum but the museum closes at 5PM.